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Ongaku – Music in Japan

record store

Such a familiar feeling, casually flipping through endless rows of sleeves and cases.

At this point it’s admittedly just a meditative practice, as my hope of coming across something specific diminishes upon reaching the 90s local Japanese synth-pop section.

cassette tapes

HMV Record Shop

Or an exercise in indulgence, gawking at vintage synthesizers on the 6th floor of an apartment building in Shibuya.

music gear



And flute demonstrations from strangers in world instrument stores in Kyoto (well now I have to buy one…)


world music store


But regardless of all this, one can always rely on this: people will be passionate about music. Across borders, through language barriers, these are of little meaning as we all are connected by this strand. The collectors, the players, the makers, those absent-minded listeners distractedly walking along busy streets. Ever-present, everlasting, our global language.

– J


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