Happiness Is Here – Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue

✶ Entering the gates of Tokyo Disneyland, met by a glimmering Christmas Tree and the scent of maple syrup
✶ Goosebumps – the first distant glance of Cinderella’s castle through the train window
✶ Mind only understanding a few stray words (remnants of four years’ High School Japanese language classes); heart familiar with every tune
✶ We flew to green planets in the Millennium Falcon and peeked through Boo’s bedroom door, rode a rollercoaster through the stars and floated to Neverland. Floating through One Man’s Dream
✶ The sunlight was golden
Happiness IS Here

Couple at Cinderella's Castle Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland Cinderella's Castle

✶ Spinning in teacups as fast as they allow
✶ Carrying ridiculously large popcorn buckets around our necks
✶ Clutching tiny translators to understand shows; giving up on reading just to enjoy the crowd’s laughter
✶ And Walt and Mickey held hands

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue tokyo disneyland

✶ And lights transformed the castle into a Christmas wonderland
✶ Fireworks transported the scene to a movie opening sequence
✶ An Electric Dream – the Cheshire Cat’s pink purple grin, genie glowing at the sight of Aladdin and Jasmine on the balcony, Rapunzel and Flynn lighting up the tower, Cinderella in her carriage, Belle and the Beast dancing around the ballroom, Elsa and Anna in their Ice castle
✶ We bounced in hunny pots through the Hundred Acre Woods, and thirteen hours later, exhausted and so, so elated, it was time to rest in our tiny Tokyo loft.

Tangled Tower Electric Dreams Parade Tokyo Disney

Genie electric dreams parade Tokyo disneysea
Beauty and the Beast dancing in the ballroom

Tokyo Disneyland Cinderella's Castle Christmas
Fireworks at Cinderella's Castle

✶ Dinsey magic held off the forecasted rain over DisneySea
✶ Mickey-shaped monorail windows, holding handles adorned with tiny Mickey ears in Santa hats
✶ Goofy group hugs
✶ Escaping the infamous giant boulder in an Indiana Jones adventure
✶ Laughing our way through loops, awake and energised
✶ A glimpse of the whole park before dropping into the centre of the earth
✶ But the Mermaid lagoon called to me through conch shells
✶ And King Triton’s palace greeted us: Part of your World
✶ I searched desperately for the treasure cove before finally finding Eric’s statue
✶ And everyone else disappeared. Immersed in one of my most beloved scenes

Mermaid Lagoon Tokyo Disneysea

Prince Eric Ariel's Playground Tokyo Disneysea

✶ Following Nemo through the East Australian Current (a taste of home, in Japanese)
✶ Ignoring the crew’s warnings that we wouldn’t understand (we really didn’t); going to more shows just to laugh with everyone else
✶ Teaching Giapetti, Pinocchio and Jimminey Cricket to shacka
✶ Laughing at the people scared in line to the Tower of Terror before realising the ride’s theme: a haunted, broken elevator. And becoming the most terrified of all
✶ Adrenaline coursing through our veins
✶ A magic carpet ride through Agrabah

Rajah at Agrabah Tokyo Disneysea

Fantasmic: watching the lake glimmer with lights, fireworks and …actual fire
✶ A storybook of my childhood projecting onto a wizard’s hat: Mickey fought a giant dragon, princesses danced, the Jungle Book and Tarzan floated by, genie assured us that we’d never had a Friend Like him
✶ Everything stopped for the Circle of Life
✶ My heart was overflowing
✶ Ariel’s voice wrapped around us
✶ IMAGINATION took flight
✶ A song finale that had us singing on our way to repeat our favourite roller coasters, skipping back to the water with linked arms to view the fireworks
✶ Sad to say goodbye to Disney (for now)
✶ But with magic tingling through me
✶ There was no way I couldn’t be totally happy.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tokyo Disneysea

– T

// A Disney-dreaming traveller’s animated thoughts at her second visit to a Magical Kingdom.

(Tell me about the impressions Tokyo Disneyland has had on you! ºoº)


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